Do you require a shot list for the wedding day?
I recommend that you make a list for group shots that you wish to take with family and friends.  Other than that, I don't work with shot lists.  Your wedding is an unscripted event.  Stories will emerge spontaneously and it's my job as a photographer to find them intuitively.

How many images will I receive?
I can't guarantee a certain number of shots, but for an average full day wedding, you might expect around 700 - 900 photos.

How soon after the wedding will I receive my images?
Every photo that you receive is carefully edited.  It normally takes 6 - 7 weeks to finish.

Will my photos be watermarked?
No.  I want you to be able to share your photos easily, so everything is delivered digitally in the highest resolution possible with no watermarks.

Should I do a pre-wedding engagement session?
I would highly recommend a photo session before your wedding if you feel a little nervous about having your picture taken.  It's kind of like a practice session, so that you're ready for your portrait session on your wedding day when limited time might be a factor.  Check out my blog post, Preparing for Your Engagement Session, for more tips.

Do you carry backup equipment? What's in your camera bag?
Yes, lots!  I currently shoot with Nikon cameras.  My gear list is always changing and updated constantly.  On your wedding day, you'll usually see me walking around with two cameras on my body and an army of lenses, flashes, and backup cameras in my bag.

Great! How do I go about hiring you?
I book on a first come first serve basis.  On average, I'm commissioned 8 - 12 months before a wedding.  A 40% reservation fee is required to secure your date.